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Afua Forson Brown is a Ghanaian Marketing Graduate going through trials and tribulations as her British student visa runs out. Her situation is made worse by the constant nagging by her boyfriend and the persistent demands from her alcoholic father in Ghana. Afua eventually falls in love with a dashing man but love only seems to complicate her situation.

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Victoria Island is a classic rich girl-poor boy love story that follows the life of Elizabeth James, a stuck up girl who is given a reality check when she reluctantly goes on a working trip to Nigeria. Elizabeth is a girl who likes the finer things in life. She lives in a plush apartment in Mayfair London with her rich American boyfriend, works for a multi-national clothing company in central London and parties at the best places in town. Her life is perfect. That is...until her boss asks her to oversee the opening of a new production house in Lagos, at which point her life is turned upside down.


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