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Bibi Owusu-Shadbolt, Director.

The creator of BOS Films Ltd, is a screenwriter, film producer and director. Bibi has been commended for her unique ability to use humour to tell stories with serious subject matter. A business woman, Bibi received an award for African Entrepreneur of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce in September 2015. She was also nominated for the International Influential Woman of Colour award in January 2016.

Alan Reading.

Talented creative in design and marketing running Custom Marketing Resources since 1994 providing a full range of creative services. He was Maidstone and Mid Kent’s longest serving Chamber President. In 2002/3 he was Director and then President of Kent Gateway Chamber of Commerce and gave Maidstone & Mid Kent to Ashford to assist creation of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. He brought networking to Kent in the late ninties.

Alan is a multi-talented creative and an accomplished writer (HMG Intellectual Property Office featured his articles). Designer, photographer and speaker, he has been on radio, television and now on film.

He has helped people create books about a number of topics, including themselves and is good at family trees! For the past five years he has been taking photographs of skies for Facebook and created top quality calendars and framed prints and canvases for business receptions as well as homes. There's a rumour about him exhibiting in various places to open peoples minds to the sky!